The amount of information about online marketing can be overwhelming, identifying the best approach is difficult. You should always keep in mind issues like timing and impact.

Information on web marketing is plentiful. Reports and studies often find things we all already know if we use our common sense. In general, more people are using the Internet to find services and products so its easy to get lost, the volume of sales is increasing each year,  people are nervous about identity theft, and there are even new ways to pay like bitcoin and mobile payments. Wow, things have changed rapidly. Let’s take a look at topic you can actually benefit from.

While the Internet is always available, buying trends do not encompass this vast time period. Instead, they are specific to particular periods of the week and year. In general, people are far more likely to take action on a site during the work week and during work hours. When they search for something during this period, they are already motivated to purchase. On weekends or holidays, sale conversion rates will drop as people are more likely to be blowing time just browsing around the Internet.

So, how can you use this information to your benefit? Your communications with clients should be targeted to occur during the week, preferably on a Monday or Tuesday. Your marketing materials should also be designed to offer incentives for limited time periods, typically one or two days from Monday through Thursday. Finally, you should be sending out email newsletters to your subscribers (If you don’t have an email list you are losing money) on Monday evenings, so your prospects can read it when they come to work Tuesday morning. The hassles of Monday should be over, which will make them more receptive. These guidelines apply throughout the year with one exception.

The holiday season on the Internet runs from early October through the end of the third week of December. If you sell products or services that can be tied into the holiday season, you can’t help but make a bundle during this period. Prospects are highly motivated to buy and you need to get in front of them. Email communication should be sent every three days beginning in late September . Halloween is a holiday that has seen significant grow over the last decade and the first Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend is a huge online sales day. From those two holidays forward, you should be sending different email communications to prospects and former clients on a daily basis. This is the perfect time to initiate contact, so get in front of your clients before your competition does.

There are billions of different aspects of Internet marketing discussed and debated on a daily basis. Take into account timing issues and you can will see an upward trend in your revenues.

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